If you (or someone you care about)  has struggled with school, or is unsuccessful on the job due to difficulties learning, it may be time to find out more about A STRENGTH BASED ASSESSMENT.

What is a Strength-Based Assessment?

Understanding your specific strengths opens worlds of possibilities to you. Strength-Based Assessments pinpoint why you may be having difficulty with learning certain materials, mastering new skills, or demonstrating your  knowledge and skills on tests, in school, or at work. The assessment helps you find ways to compensate and bypass your weakness by using your strengths. It also provides clear documentation to assist you in communicating your learning needs to others.

What is unique about a Strength-Based Assessment?

Dr. Richard Arnold (a clinical psychologist) and Dr. Ellen Arnold (an educator) have been using this approach since 1970. They work together to provide learners of all ages with an accurate picture of how they learn best. The focus is always on the positive. This assessment includes a variety of tools: interviews, questionnaires and formal tests. You will receive a friendly letter afterwards, that summarizes all the information and gives you specific recommendations of things you can do, as well as the appropriate accommodations you can request from schools or employers.

Who would want a Strength-Based Assessment?

Children, adolescents, college students and adults can benefit from Strength-Based Assessments. Consider participation in this assessment if you have a history of problems with school, with learning, with attention, or if you would like to know more about yourself as a learner. This assessment also serves to discover whether you are eligible for any accommodations related to a specific disability. It can also be used to update documentation for a previously diagnosed disability.

Strength Based Assessments are provided through the Learning Disability Association of Genesee Valley, (LDA: Life and Learning Center) located at 1650 South Avenue, Suite 200 Rochester, New York 14620.