Hi. I am Ellen Arnold.  Welcome to my web site. I am addicted to brains, and to finding way to help all learners better understand the own unique strengths so they can maximize their own potential.

Here are some of my current endeavors:


I teach 3 courses online through Ed2Go.  I wrote, developed and continue to facilitate each of these 12 session courses for teachers, parents, and paraprofessionals across the world.  A new session starts each month, so join me in one of these popular and practical courses.  Registration can be through www.sde.org.  or you can click on the link to reach Ed2Go.com for a complete description as well as information on finding a participating college/university near you that offers the course for credit.

  1. Creating the Inclusive Classroom: Strategies for Success
  2. Teaching Students with Autism: Strategies for Success
  3. Teaching Students With ADHD
    Click HERE for a list of schools where you can take these courses for credit, and enter your zip code or country.

I conduct workshops, seminars and customized trainings for teachers/staff in school districts or agencies on a wide variety of topics to help maximize student potential.  These sessions range in time from one hour to 3 days.  They are fast paced, practical and research based. 

Some of the topics from this past year include:  Brain Based Teaching, Common Core, Co-teaching & Collaboration, Data Driven Teaching, Differentiated Instruction in the Special Education Setting, Empowering Learners, Girls with ADHD, Pre-Referral Strategies, Motivating the Unmotivated, Multiple Intelligences, Reading Instruction, Special Education, Strategy Instruction for students with LD, ADHD, or Asperger’s Disorder, Strength Based Interventions and Transition to College/Career for those with special needs.

In the past few years, I have presented internationally in Singapore, Hong Kong, Seoul, and Bern, Switzerland.  In the U.S., I have been involved in conferences in Indianapolis, Denver, Las Vegas, Chicago, Washington, DC and Manchester, NH.  I have worked in small districts that range from the Choctaw Reservation in Mississippi, to a charter school in Knoxville, TN; from a middle school in Utica, NY, a high school in Schenectady, NY to an Early Childhood Center in Maryland.

I also provide ongoing consultative support to Classroom Teachers, Instructional Support Teams or to Directors of Special Education, so they can learn to build upon student strengths in order to maximize success.  Each consultation is based upon current research on instructional strategies, but is customized to take into account the needs of the audience.

I serve as a member of a diagnostic team providing screening and diagnosis of ADHD and/or LD.  We provide updated documentation for people who are applying for accommodations for a national certification exam or for an educational program.  We also do 2nd opinion work for school districts and agencies who are unsure as to the best intervention for a student.

Our assessments are a little unique.  They include diagnostic teaching, as well as interactive analysis of strategies that will work best, building on the strengths of the learner.  Standardized tests are used, but as a way to validate what the learner already knows about him/herself. 

One of our major goals for an assessment is to make sure the individual leaves knowing lots more about his/her own strengths and natural strategies, and ways to compensate for any cognitive or behavioral challenges present.  Our reports are written as a user-friendly letter to the client, free of jargon and with clearly defined strengths, weaknesses, diagnosis, accommodations to request as well as recommendations of things the learner can do to improve his/her own performance.  All the test data is included, but in ways that support this understanding.  A readability is done on the final report to make sure that the summary letter is accessible to the individual.